Is the NSA aware of everyone's whereabouts?

Is the NSA aware of everyone's whereabouts?

People have been concerned that agencies such as the NSA are tracking everyone's activities since phone number tracking became easy and accessible. It is true that they have the ability to track everybody, but it is also true that not everyone is being tracked. The type of tracking used by the NSA to track someone may necessitate the usage of sophisticated equipment. The device should be capable of allowing the NSA to track a person invisibly.

They will not track anyone who is not a suspect or a VIP, just like any other organization. They may obtain a request to track someone from any other government agency, but only if the justification is compelling. The chances of the NSA following you right now are very low. They would only track you if you were a member of parliament or another government official, or if you were a high-value target, such as a drug dealer.

Even if you are a VIP, the possibilities of being tracked are quite minimal, but you can keep yourself from being monitored entirely as a precaution.

Keep in mind that if you are being tracked by the NSA, you will be unaware of it. So, to begin, remove any Spyware that appears to be present and ensure that your calls are routed through a secure line. Obtaining a secure line for mobile phones is tough. It is better if you do not discuss your secrets over the phone and try to avoid using them when you are in danger of being traced. How can you tell if you're being followed? That is a question only you can answer. If you work with VIPs or are one yourself, you should always ensure that all communication devices you use are clean and clear of Spywares.

Check your phone with a professional or just update the operating system from time to time. Your smartphone manufacturer should be able to tell you whether or not you are being tracked, thus they are the specialists you should seek advice from. The NSA has the ability to intercept cellphone signals and track phone calls. You cannot protect yourself from this form of tracking, but you may prevent the vast majority of tracking efforts by using secure lines.