Where can I acquire an IMEI number to track a phone?

Where can I acquire an IMEI number to track a phone?

Every mobile device has an IMEI number, which the GSM network provider can use to identify genuine devices. It is simple to get your mobile phone to display its IMEI code, as well as other information about your phone device, on the screen by typing *#06#, which is universal and works on all mobile phone devices.

Various authentication techniques, such as IMEI or MEID, are used by different types of GSM networks.

Depending on the network, the information obtained by dialing *#06# will be IMEI, a 15-digit number for AT&T and T-Mobile networks, or MEID, a 14-digit number for Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular networks. The IMEI number of an iPhone 5 or any other original iPhone mobile device is written on the back of the cover. For older iPhones, such as the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4s, the IMEI code is printed on the SIM card tray for the specific model, and you should consult the manual to learn how to remove the SIM card tray and retrieve the code.

Aside from that, you can power on the iPhone device and go to Settings General IMEI. Hold the IMEI button until you receive a notification that the number has been copied if you wish to copy it. If you need to locate your iPhone IMEI number, utilizing iTunes Connect your iPhone to the computer, choose it from the device menu, and then click the summary button. When you click the phone number entry next to the image of your iPhone device, information about the device's IMEI code will be displayed.

There are various methods for Android users to obtain the IMEI code. The first is to check it from your operating system by going into Settings-About Phone Status IMEI, and the second is to use Google Dashboard if your phone is registered in Google Control Center. Click on this link to see the Google Dashboard. Go to www.google.com/settings/dashboard, select Android, find your phone in the list, and look for the IMEI number.

Another technique to find the IMEI number is to look under the battery. Turn off the phone, remove the cover and battery, and look for the IMEI number.

For Motorola Idens units, enter # *, Menu Right Key, and the code will appear on the screen; for older versions, continue to press the right key until the code appears on the screen. When you acquire a phone, it normally comes with a packaging in which you may read and write down the IMEI code by looking on the right or left side, where the bar code is situated. Aside from that, you can ask your mobile phone network operator to help you find the IMEI code.